Medical Assistant Duties

What comprises medical assistant duties? Are you hiring or are you someone who wants to go into medical assisting? It is not really hard to imagine what to put into a medical assistant job description. Duties will vary depending on what area the medical assistant is working in.

Medical assistant duties range from welcoming patients to doctor’s practices to giving injections and even to some filing of documentation.

In a dental practice a medical assistant will prepare instruments needed for treatment like sterilizing and aid the dentist in the procedures. They also organize all client documentation and fix appointments.

In a pediatric practice they may give injections and do filing and handle the administrative duties. In other setting assistants may help doctors to make research on cases, and in big hospitals assistants handle most of the documentation.

Other assistants will be confined to the lab to make investigation that will help doctors to diagnose patients accurately. They work with samples like blood and tissue and test them to find what ails the patients. This can be dangerous so one has to be extremely careful not to get contaminated by these samples and to follow all safety procedures received in training.

If you are not really excited about working in the hospital environment or around ill people, you can opt to be a medical transcriptionist that you can do online in the comfort of your home. A transcriptionist types out a doctor’s notes or instructions from an audio source so they can form part of the patient record.

An ophthalmologist assistant helps with the taking of eye tests, instruct patients on contact lenses use and care and can also make dressings and give medications. They also take care of the equipment.

Medical assistants also help doctors to make research on diseases to make complex diagnoses. They can do library searches and also online research. They help doctors collect samples for investigation like draw blood and other samples.

Medical assistants ensure the smooth running of doctors’ offices making sure patient information is filed away accurately, fix appointments, make sure all needed equipment are clean and in working order and that the offices are in a condition to receive patients. They can also give medications and advise patients on how to make them.

It is up to you to choose what you like to do best. Get some training and get certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants ; in this way you can get the best job around. There is a chance to advance to other positions in the medical field. Louis Zhang, Certifiedmedicalassistanttraining dot com.

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