Cleaning Jobs

If you are searching for a cleaning job, there are many avenues that you can pursue in order to secure a position. This industry has a huge and constant demand for staff and many cleaning firms provide flexible working hours and good pay.

Skills and Attributes

Cleaners and maintenance staff need to be physically very fit. Work can be demanding physically demanding and there may be light to moderate lifting involved. It is important to have good organisational skills in order to ensure that all aspects of the cleaning job are successfully completed. Cleaners need to have good attention to detail and strong task completion skills. Often, cleaners work unsupervised, so it is also necessary to have self-motivation skills.

Starting Your Own Business

Many cleaners develop and gain experience and then decide to start their own cleaning business. There will be outlays involved to start up and the biggest cost will be the cleaning equipment. Competition for tenders and contracts is very strong, so when you are starting out you may need to offer low bids in order to build an established client base.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies list cleaning job vacancies online. There are many different recruitment agencies, however, it is always best to try to find agencies that specialise in this particular area. Many cleaning jobs will be casual or part-time and most will involve shift work. This is because cleaners usually clean buildings and offices before or after usual business hour. Some of the major recruitment agencies include Hays and career One.

Private Cleaning

Many cleaning jobs are available in private homes. These jobs may involve cooking as well as cleaning and various other roles that link in with PA type work. Some positions will be ‘live in’ which can provide excellent financial savings. Good references and your own transportation are usually required.

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