Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs

Occupational therapists need assistants to handle some of the paperwork involved, such as document what the patient has and has not been able to accomplish. The average salary for an occupational therapist assistant can be around forty three thousand dollars a year. If you are an occupational therapist assistant who is working with a federal government employee you can often make more money from that due to the fact that they have a public health care exchange that they can use. This means that occupational therapy assistants in places like Montgomery County, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C are in fact fairly well compensated. Whether or not someone is certified as an occupational therapy assistant can have a true impact on whether you make a decent salary in the position. If your occupational therapist does end up doing any actual stretches or exercises with you, their assistant can aide in this endeavor. The therapist can work on one leg or arm while the assistant works on another. An occupational therapy assistant may also do things like make recommendations about what is good for your diet and what is not.

Occupational therapist assistants can also help you with your driving test if that is one of the goals which can help you get out into the workforce. The occupational therapy assistant can also help you get specialized door knobs which make it easier for you to get in and out of your house. You have to make your house more accessible in instances of disability or injury if you hope to make it back out into the workforce on a regular basis. Getting out in the work force is a right every human being should have if they truly want a job. The goal of an occupational therapist and any assistant is to make sure you reach your goal. An occupational therapy assistant can be crucial to your recovery when you have been out of work due to an injury for example. The testimony of an occupational therapy assistant can be important in making sure you get your worker’s compensation insurance.

A couple of great universities where you can work on receiving your occupational therapy assistant certification is Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois and the University of Iowa in Iowa City. A positive recommendation from one of your professors can also truly make a difference as to whether you can land that great job or within the occupational therapy field. If a student receives stellar grades when it comes to their courses, they can become a part of an honors program. The honors program looks very good on your application when you are applying to become a occupational therapy assistant.

Occupational therapy assistants can also help people recover after a surgery. The speed with which you can recover from a surgery can truly make a difference about whether you are able to get back out into the workforce.

To learn more about careers in Occupational Therapist Assistant, visit the Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs page for more information and how to apply for a job.

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