How to Apply for Freelance Editing Jobs

Do you excel in grammar, or a particular language more than most people? Freelance editing jobs might be the best route for you to take concerning your job future. For those of you that are not aware what freelance editing jobs entail, the job of editor is an important one. The following article will attempt to explain some of the necessity of freelance editing jobs, and what is required of those that apply for these jobs.

First and foremost, freelance editing jobs require people that are self-starters in the sense that they do not need constant direction or handling. They must be able to take charge in freelance editing jobs, and handle any problems that come up without running to management every time there are issues in their freelance editing jobs. These jobs require the applicant to have a firsthand knowledge of what is required to correct manuscripts, copy, or other written products. The correction needed in freelance editing jobs can range from grammar editing, to topic and information editing. Freelance editing jobs run a wide variety of requirements, and the people that run them are basically the last line before the finished product goes to print.

Freelance editing jobs handles the grammatical and structural correction of whatever is being produced. These job title holders delegate responsibilities to copy editors who then make sure that the corrections are made throughout the entire manuscript. Freelance editing jobs holders are ultimately responsible for any negativity or mistakes that arise in their department or on their work shift. By working freelance editing jobs, some of the mistakes are limited, due in part to being freelance, and not having to handle a lot of other people.

Working these particular types of jobs, guarantees the applicant some excellent experience in the chosen field, as well as job opportunities in not only freelance editing jobs, but also copy editing, etc. Some of the requirements that are expected for freelance editing jobs are excellent skills in the primary language of the company, proper grammar and editing skills, and an attitude conducive to completing a job under any circumstances.

Have you or someone you are acquainted with ever held a position similar to freelance editing jobs? Perhaps you should try again. This field has improved with each passing year, with greater technological advancements and tools, as well as the pay rate. Trying out freelance editing jobs is a better way of removing or lowering the stress level in your busy work schedule. By switching from working for a large company, to working freelance editing jobs, you are able to set your own hours as well as be your own boss — can it get any better?

Jordan Matthews is a internet entrepreneur who got his start with freelancing work and telecommuting. Sign up for his newsletter at and get a free guide to doing freelance work online, plus a list of other work at home jobs that are available.

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Job Interview Strength and Weakness

During a job interview, it seems that a ton of questions fly all around – and they generally do not mean a thing to you. However, the answers may be more important than you first think. One of my most memorable jobs also had a very memorable job interview. I had applied to be a teacher at a local preschool, and now sat across a desk, being interviewed by my future boss – the director of the school. “What would you consider your weakness?” she asked, once the introductions were made. “I am a very shy person when I first meet other people,” I answered, smiling a little. “It becomes a bit detrimental, because it gets misconstrued as snotty, or a better-than-thou attitude.” She nodded and laughed. “I have had that same problem!” She answered. “I have had a ton of people tell me that they thought I was a witch when they first met me!” Of course, the “witch” word she was talking about had actually begun with a “B”.

Do not be afraid of your weaknesses, but do not make one up, or use one that you may have heard before. The most played out and abused “weakness” would have to be the saying, “I am too much of a people-pleaser!” You would certainly have to wipe the brown off your nose after that one! In addition, it probably just made you seem fake and unconvincing to the interviewer.

What clinched my interview for the teaching position was a lot more unexpected than I thought. I was asked an excruciatingly simple question that almost made me wonder, “What is this lady getting at?” The director gazed at me seriously, cocked her head to one side, and inquired, “If I needed to send you into a room by yourself for a few minutes, and you were not familiar with the classroom or the children, what would your first reaction be?” I laughed and answered, “Probably try to appease them and keep them busy by playing the Hokey Pokey, or some other kind of game.”

Amazingly, I was told later on – once I had been a teacher there for a while – that the answer I had given to that question was what had landed me the job. Apparently, my strength was the insane, shameless way I could embarrass myself in front of a bunch of children! Who knew? Once again, asking friends and family for advice on describing your strengths and weaknesses, will give you great insight into yourself. Usually, you may have to put up with a little bit of ribbing from them – especially when it comes to your weaknesses. Just laugh, and tell them to get serious – it is for a job you are looking into. Be sure, however, to limit your strengths and weaknesses to the job you are applying for. An interviewer at the local department store is not interested in your strength to withstand tickling under your arms, just as much as they are probably not too interested in your weakness for cheese!

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Medical Assistant Duties

What comprises medical assistant duties? Are you hiring or are you someone who wants to go into medical assisting? It is not really hard to imagine what to put into a medical assistant job description. Duties will vary depending on what area the medical assistant is working in.

Medical assistant duties range from welcoming patients to doctor’s practices to giving injections and even to some filing of documentation.

In a dental practice a medical assistant will prepare instruments needed for treatment like sterilizing and aid the dentist in the procedures. They also organize all client documentation and fix appointments.

In a pediatric practice they may give injections and do filing and handle the administrative duties. In other setting assistants may help doctors to make research on cases, and in big hospitals assistants handle most of the documentation.

Other assistants will be confined to the lab to make investigation that will help doctors to diagnose patients accurately. They work with samples like blood and tissue and test them to find what ails the patients. This can be dangerous so one has to be extremely careful not to get contaminated by these samples and to follow all safety procedures received in training.

If you are not really excited about working in the hospital environment or around ill people, you can opt to be a medical transcriptionist that you can do online in the comfort of your home. A transcriptionist types out a doctor’s notes or instructions from an audio source so they can form part of the patient record.

An ophthalmologist assistant helps with the taking of eye tests, instruct patients on contact lenses use and care and can also make dressings and give medications. They also take care of the equipment.

Medical assistants also help doctors to make research on diseases to make complex diagnoses. They can do library searches and also online research. They help doctors collect samples for investigation like draw blood and other samples.

Medical assistants ensure the smooth running of doctors’ offices making sure patient information is filed away accurately, fix appointments, make sure all needed equipment are clean and in working order and that the offices are in a condition to receive patients. They can also give medications and advise patients on how to make them.

It is up to you to choose what you like to do best. Get some training and get certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants ; in this way you can get the best job around. There is a chance to advance to other positions in the medical field. Louis Zhang, Certifiedmedicalassistanttraining dot com.

Get information on how high a medical assistant pay can reach and read about medical assistant job description to have a better idea of what to expect in this line of work at Certifiedmedicalassistanttraining dot com

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ESL Jobs – How to Find a Job Teaching English As a Second Language on the Internet

If you are fluent in a second language other than English and you can teach it to those who don’t know it, then you have a chance of getting a job teaching English as a second language or related job opportunity.

There are plenty employers that are searching for teachers that are fluent and are qualified to teach English as a second language to those who are not good with the English language. You can qualify if you are a native English speaker and should also possess a Bachelor’s degree in the same field. You should also be able to write well in the English language.

One place where you can get plenty of information about ESL jobs is the internet. You will find a lot of different websites that offer teaching jobs in ESL in the United States and across the world. Some of these ESL jobs include:

  • Elementary school teacher
  • Adult teacher
  • Business teacher
  • Middle school teacher
  • High school teacher
  • University professor

There are websites that are reputable that can help you find a job teaching English as a second language. There are plenty of them in Asian and Spanish countries and other places abroad. The ESL jobs usually pay a better salary if you decide to move abroad.

The advantage of a job in teaching English as a second language is that schools don’t have to wade through a lot of paperwork to select the right candidate for the job. The ones who apply are almost certain of getting a job right away, especially if they have the right qualifications

Another way to find an ESL job on the internet is to network. You can search websites that have forums regarding ESL in general. Ask questions that pertain to ESL jobs and someone should be able to respond and assist you.

Sometimes you can get the answers you need on the same day. It depends on what time zone the poster is communicating from. Make sure to include the region that you desire to work in.

Having a teaching position overseas can turn into a great experience, especially if you’ve never been to that region before. This can turn into an opportunity to explore places outside of your normal habitat.

Don’t forget to have a resume handy. When there is a vacancy for a teaching position, a lot of the networking sites are notified. Once you send off your resume, it travels to the school district.

The good thing about this is you get to avoid unending streams of office politics and unnecessary bureaucracy of delays and red tape. When you choose reputable websites for your job search, you are helping yourself by being able to find what you want and where you want to teach.

Chad DeBolt is the creator of ESL United, an online community of teachers who teach English second language. If you have a desire to connect with others who are teaching English second language [] and are open to sharing ideas and experiences then please join us at ESL United.

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Christmas Jobs

The Christmas period is a great time for people to make extra cash. We all know that as Christmas draws near we need to hit the shops and pick up all the essential foods and gifts plus the extra furniture in anticipation for a crowded house. This influx of extra customers ready to purchase leads to an obvious conclusion – retailers need to hire more staff to cope with the additional customers.

Many retailers employ extra staff for the 3 month period from October to December, particularly food stores and supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda, and high street retailers for gifts including Primark, Argos, WH Smiths, and Boots.

In addition there are also all the restaurants and drinking establishments looking forward to extra cash as Christmas Parties are booked up and spill out on to the street, so there are also waitering and bar jobs to look out for in national restaurant chains like Chicago’s, Prezzo or Pizza Express or try local pubs and bars.

What else do we all do at Christmas? That’s right, send Christmas Cards! There are also temporary Christmas vacancies at the Royal Mail so keep your eye out for these.

So if you’re looking for some extra cash in the run-up to Christmas, get searching today! A lot of companies will already have started their recruitment process so that they can get new recruits trained up and ready to face the crowds of expectant customers. The sooner you send out your CV and start applying for these temporary jobs, the better chance you have of getting a job.

Good luck with your search!! and have a very Merry Christmas!

Author suggests you to search all Christmas Jobs here and hopes you to find a Xmas job that would make you happier and richer!

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Work at Home Assistant Jobs

A work at home assistant job, or virtual assistant, is one of the most recent career choices available due to the high quantity of internet services needed. Virtual assistants provide clients with secretarial, administrative, and technologically creative skills. If you have a computer, fax, scanner and printer, you may find that becoming a virtual assistant is the perfect job for you.

There are a wide array of websites where you can, not only find a virtual assistant position, but you can also gain skills that you would need in such a position. Some will even match you up with a company that you are well suited for. As with any company you intend to work with, you should thoroughly research the company before putting your trust into it. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these types of online programs are scams.

You may want to consider joining a work at home job search website that offers membership in order to help you find clients, but be wary. There should be no fees, other than membership, involved and don’t agree to transfer money or accept payment from or into your bank account. Two excellent, free job search sites are (Work at Home Moms) and Remember that just because you pay a membership fee, you aren’t assured of getting a job.

Another great idea is to develop your own virtual assistant website. This way, you can really market yourself and the services you provide. You could also provide tutorials, book reviews, and message boards geared toward your services to create more traffic to your website. By selling advertising space on your website, you can easily have a steady stream of income while working on initial projects. Also consider getting business liability insurance and registering your business name. This will lend credibility to your company.

Whatever type of services you are offering, you should make sure that you are fully qualified to provide those services. You may choose to only offer secretarial services, or skills in one specific field, or even a couple of related areas. In any case, work at home assistant jobs are the wave of the future, so start providing services today. Try not to get discouraged during your search. Finding a job is never a walk in the park. Employers will appreciate a positive attitude and a hard worker, and your new work at home assistant job will be your reward for all your hard work.

Check out to find out more!

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Vocational Schools Offer Entry-Level Education Training

Individuals who want to learn to be teachers may be prime candidates for education training. Vocational schools and community colleges offer a vast array of undergraduate classes to help future educators to learn the basics of the teaching profession, and to prepare for advanced education degrees.

There are a number of good schools and colleges offering training in education, including a few good online schools. Students just starting out can seek classes in a variety of related topics, such as childhood education, science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, and others. The idea is to gain experience and knowledge that can form a solid foundation for a future career in teaching.

While classroom teachers K-12 and higher are generally required to have Bachelor or Master degrees in education, it is possible for qualified undergraduates to teach in pre-schools, vocational schools, and trade schools. You could qualify for positions teaching continuing education classes; or you could apply for a position as a teaching assistant with the right educational background and a minimum of an Associate degree.

What is your ultimate goal? If you are looking to become a college professor, you will very likely be required to possess a terminal degree (Master’s or Doctorate Degree in Education). But, if you are willing to begin with an entry-level teaching position, you may be able to get there with some preliminary training from a vocational school or college. That could help you qualify to apply for elementary education degree programs at a college or university.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERAL OVERVIEW and may or may not reflect specific practices, courses and/or services associated with ANY ONE particular school(s) that is or is not advertised on our website.

Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved by Media Positive Communications, Inc.

Notice: Publishers are free to use this article on an ezine or website, provided the article is reprinted in its entirety, including copyright and disclaimer, and ALL links remain intact and active.

To find out more about learning to be a teacher, please submit a request to a few teaching schools and you may soon find yourself leading a classroom as a full-fledged educator.

Michael Bustamante is a staff writer for Media Positive Communications, Inc. and Find Education Training [], as well as Colleges, Universities, Vocational Schools, and Online Schools at, your educational resource to locate schools.

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